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Patch 2.3.3 (30/10)

- Added a new Reward-Program: You will be rewarded now while you stay logged in.
* Every 30 minutes you receive a "Playtime Reward Token" to your mailbox.
* You can exchange the Tokens at a Buff Helper for special items.
* This token and the rewards are soulbound to prevent excessive using of this system.
* This feature is still in work, so there will be added more items in the future.
- Added new Magical Keys for PvP Tokens at Frankie.
* Every Key is for a certain jobclass useable and got new effects.
- Added new PvP Tokens for Guild Siege and Free-For-All PvP.
- Removed the old Siege Tokens and Madrigal Keys. They are useless now.
- Updated the exchange-windows (at Frankie, Myria, Peach and co.)
- Increased the damage of the Beast Pumpkins (about 80-100k).
- Added Black Dragon Cloak and Mask. More information later.

- Seraph: Lowered Base-HP by 15%.
- Templar: Lowered Base-HP by 5%.

- Replaced the character animations to fix the attackspeed problems.
- Fixed some security issues again.

Release date: 30.10.2014, 09:43

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Patch 2.3.2 (28/10)

Server is back online. Here are some small changes. More coming soon.

- The planned Cooldown on 'Scroll of Holy is now working (at the moment at 1 sec.).
- Fixed wrong guild siege / clockworks times.
- Fixed some items that could not be bought for Event Rewards.
- Marco were given rights to start Invasion-Events and Guild-Sieges.
- Added "Scroll of Angel Revival" and "Angel Feed Bag" (feeds Angel automatically) to fxStore.

Release date: 28.10.2014, 23:46

Patch 2.3.1 (24/10)

- Started the Halloween Event. More information here.
- Added Halloween Weapons back to fxStore and for Flux Chips.
- Lowered the perin price for beads (silver = 20, gold = 50).
- Lowered some of the item requirements for crafting angels.
- Increased the the time of the Glyph boxes to 14 days (before 7).
- Lowered price of Lord Events (50% exp) to 8b (before 10b).
- Removed the old beads from the Penya and Chip Vendor

- You can now use powerups while you have a angel activated.
- Fixed some security issues (farm-bots, stackbugs etc..)
- Fixed the Red Meteonyker (Dryad Lv.125) Drops.4

- Force Master: Lowered Asal-damage by 5%.
- Slayer: Increased base-damage by 10%.
- Slayer: Increased damage done by "Deadly X" by 25%.
- Mentalist: Lowered Range of "Aether's Grasp".
- Mentalist: Lowered damage done by "Aether's Grasp" by 5%.
- Mentalist: Lowered base-HP by 5%.
- Windlurker: Increased base-HP by 10%.
- Arcanist: Increased base-HP by 5%.
- Arcanist: Increased "Special INT Mastery" to 60 INT (before 25).
- Arcanist: Increased damage done by "EVA Storm" by 10%.
- Arcanist: Increased damage done by "Windfield" by 10%.

Release date: 25.10.2014, 03:53

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Patch 2.3.0 (06/08)

Event: Summer Happiness with Plushies
* Plushies (Mocomochis, Burrs and Gray Earls) are invading Madrigal - It's up to you to drive them back.
* You can get known event items like Octopus/Corn, Exp-Boosts, 3-Day VIP-Access and other useful items.
* The best rewards are the new "Husky" and "Shadow Fox" Pet - Only available at this event!
* And this weekend you will also get a 2x Exp Event.

New: Madrigal Angels - Your new companion!
* Usually you know these angels from the PK-System, but we have reworked them to be more useful.
* They follow you, give you useful stats for PvE (All Stats, Monster-DMG & Experience) and also need to be feeded.
* You need to farm different known dungeons and the knowledge about the Alchemy to create one of these angels.
* More (and much more accurate) information will be posted in a new topic/guide later. Stay tuned!

New: Guildhouses - More power for your guild!
- The Guild House is now available. Meet up with other guild members and increase the power of your guild!
* The registration fee is 20 Perins, after thatyou have to pay 10 Perins for every additional day.
* You can get the furnitures in the "Guild treasures" which randomly gives your one of twelve furniture items.
* This treasures costs you 50 Perins. The furnitures are binded to your character and hold on for 14 days.

General Changes:
- Lord Clockworks Alpha now spawns three times a day (1PM , 9PM & 5AM servertime).
- Added a new pvp arena scoreboard design and resetted the K/D of every player.
- Added new rebirth star icons and changed the structure (1-9, 10-19, 20-29, 30-39 & 40).
- Changed the Secret Room Time to 7PM servertime, one hour later than before.
- Changed the Event Token exchange at Flarine Fairy to a more clearly shop window.
- Set the Event Token price of all fashion sets to 1 (some of them costs 2 before).
- The Bead Vendor - Perin Exchange has been changed to a Shop Window Style, too.
- Resetted the Guild Siege Player Ranking.

- Finally fixed the Glowchange-Windows.
- Fixed the Bronze-Bead / Wizard Fashion Bug.
- Fixed the name of the Phi Lizard Pet.
- Made some missing translations.

- Elemental upgrade on suits does not affect the incoming damage in pvp anymore.
- Slayer: Increased the speed effect of "Blessing of War" to 75% (before 50%).
- Templar: Increased reflect damage effect of "Pain Reflection to 70% (before 50%).
- Templar: Increased the speed effect of "Heart of the Tower" to 75% (before 50%).
- Mentalist: Increased damage done by "Spirit Bomb" by 20% (really now :D).
- Mentalist: Lowered cooldown of "Aether Grasp's" to 8 seconds (before 12).
- Mentalist: Increased damage done by "Aether Grasp's" by 10%.
- Arcanist: Increased damage done by "Windfield" by 10%.
- Arcanist: Increased damage done by "EVA Storm" by 15%.

Release date: 06.08.2014, 11:10

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Patch 2.2.5 (28/07) + 2x Exp Event

While the server got crashes (gonna figure out why), i've done some quick changes to the latest balance changes and started a 2x exp event for the next three days. In the next 2-3 days i'll tell you more about the summer event i wanted to start some days ago. Sorry for the long wait..

Patch 28/07:
- Lowered Jump Height from Scroll of Velocity to 80 (before 120/Pre-Patch 50)
- Arcanist: Increased damage done by "Windfield" by 20%.
- Mentalist: Increased damage done by "Spirit Bomb" by 20%.
- Force Master: Lowered Asal-damage by 10%.
- Force Master: Added 10% Range-Block to Flux Armor.

- Started a 2x Exp Event for the next three days. Have fun!

Release date: 28.07.2014, 19:48

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.

Patch 2.2.4 (21/07)

This patch got many class balancing and siege changes. We're working on a big content update. If you want more information about the upcoming update, check our "Work in Progress"-Topic in forums. Also, we will start a summer event tomorrow so you got some new stuff do while you wait for the update.

- Prepared an upcoming farm (-dungeon) event. More information tomorrow.
- Added the new Beads (more information in forums). The old ones stats got removed.
- Increased the Jumping Height effect of "Scroll of Velocity" by 100%.
- Decreased the cooldown of "Remantis Laccotte" to 2 seconds (before 3).
- Set an one second cooldown to "Scroll of Holy".
- Lowered the required quest items for powerful potions to 100 (before 200).
- Lowered the required quest items for weak potions to 30 (before 80).
- Made some little changes to the PvP Arena and removed the ledges.
- Fairie/Flower, Dressed Up, Frog Sets and Witch School can now finally be bough in NPC-store.

- Mentalist: Increased Base-HP by 10%.
- Mentalist: Increased damage done by "Spirit Bomb" by 30%.
- Mentalist: "Spirit Bombs" is no longer an instant damage skill.
- Arcanist: Deceased Base-HP by 10%.
- Arcanist: "Astral Moon" is no longer an instant damage skill.
- Arcanist: Increased damage done by "Windfield" by 20%.
- Arcanist: Increased damage done by "EVA Storm" by 10%.
- Templar: "Heart of the Tower" now also increases the speed by 50%.
- Slayer: Decreased Base-HP by 5%.
- Slayer: Increased damage dony by "Deadly X" by 30%.
- Slayer: Set a 3 seconds cooldown ot "Holding Storm".
- Acrobat: Increased the Speed-Buff of "Fast Walker" by 75% (before 50%).
- Crackshooter: Decreased Range-Buff of "Spirit of the Hawk" to 25% (before 30%).
- Crackshooter: Increased Base-HP by 15%.
- Harlequin: Increased damage done by "Pandemonium" by 20%.
- Seraph: Increased the Damage-Ignore Buff by "Soul of Rhisis" to 600k (before 400k)
- Seraph: Increased Base-HP by 10%.
- Force Master: Decreased Base-HP by 10%.
- Force Master: Set a one second cooldown to "Bgvur Tialbold" (to prevent jump bugging).

- Fixed the Glowchange-Windows. It now works correctly again.
- Fixed some wrong texts and made some translations.

Release date: 21.07.2014, 06:59

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New styles for your character!

Today we offer you again something new in our fxStore!
This time you can get some new fashion sets. They got no stats, so they are for appearance only. You can get them now, for 400 fxPoints!

Release date: 26.06.2014, 15:39

Stated Pets are back !!

The stated Pets are back and now available in fxStore.
Also, there are some new pets available. Check out now!

Release date: 22.06.2014, 00:05

Patch 2.2.3 (21/06)

We have updated our patcher. When you patch with the old launcher, you will get a "NewFlyff.exe".
This is the new launcher, you can delete the old one. When this doesn't work, you can download the newest patcher on our download-page.

- You can change the color of your guildname now. You need the "Scroll of Guildcolorchange" - Available for 250 fx.
- Lord vote period will now start automatically after the candidacy period (no server restart needed anymore)
- Added new fashion sets to npc: Beach Wear Orange(F), Blue Bikini(F), School Swimsuit (F), Forest- & Flower Farie (F)
- Added Presea-Hairs, Custom colored Cactus Hair and the Monster Hats (from eflyff) to chip vendor (4.000 Chips)
- You can reset your aura glow now back to official glow (use the "reset"-button at glowchange window)
- You are not able to close the jobchange window (with pressing "ESC" or the "x" button) anymore.
- Lowered the required quest items for powerful potions to 200 (before 300).
- Stat Pets can now walk throught walls/objects.
- Changed the fog settings in Flarine.

- The "Scroll of CS Pet Modelchange" now works correctly.
- Fixed a bug while calculating taxes in Flarine.
- Fixed the "buffer overrun" error when exchanging crit awake scrolls.
- Fixed some position errors at the character status window.
- "Desert Spirit of the Commander" now drops the specified quest items.
- Removed all baruna (rune) drops in Bahara Desert.

- Ranger: Increased Base-HP by 10%.
- Jester: Increased Base-HP by 10%.
- Elementor: You can use "EVA Storm" in PvP again (increased damage).
- Psykeeper: Increased cooldown of "Aether Grasp" to 12 seconds.
- Psykeeper: Lowered damage done by "Spirit Bomb" by 15%.
- Blade: Lowered Base-HP by 10%.

Release date: 21.06.2014, 20:57

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May-Flash Sale!!

Today, i'll make an event for those players, who want to support us!

When you're filling up your account, we will add you a 30% Bonus of fxPoints!
Also, we bring back our special Black Dragon Fashion for a short period of time.

This set goes with a black-colored Dragon Set and some special stats, combined from all Dragon's set!

This offer is valid only for 48 hours!!

Release date: 25.05.2014, 18:56

Patch 2.2.2 (24/05)

We moved to a new host. This should keep away the huge amount of disconnects.
Also we have started a 2x Exp and 2x Penya Event for three days. Have fun! ^.^

- Lowered the clockwork runes price for stated Pets and changed the effects.
* New effects of stated pets: 80 STR/STA/DEX/INT, 20% HP, 50% Speed.
- Lowered the Blockrate of the Mobs in Kalgas, Behemoth and Kheldor
- Lowered the Droprate of Red Meteonyker (Dryad Armor)

- Blade: Lowered Base-HP by 10%.
- Knight: Lowered Base-HP by 15%.
- Knight: Dryad Armor: Increased HP by 20% (before 0%).
- Ranger: Shining Armor: Lowered the Hawkeye-Rate to 20% (before 40%).
- Jester: Lowered damge of "Hit of Penya" by 5%.
- Billposter: Removed the 150-STR Req. for Asal-Damage.
- Billposter: It's now possible to reach the Castbreak again.
- Arcanist: Lowered damage of "Astral Moon" by 10%.
- Arcanist: Lowered Base-HP by 10%.

- Fixed the Event Rebirth Scrolls. You are now able to use them.
- v18 Sticks are now One-Handed and can be used for Appearence-Change.

Release date: 25.05.2014, 06:21

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Patch 2.2.1 (11/05)

- Removed the annoying Penguin Helper in the right lower corner of the screen.
- Increased the Pick-Up Speed of Pets.

- The Rebirth Event Scrolls are available again.
* You need to create a new character to receive them now.

- Arcanist: Lowered Base-HP by 10%.
- Arcanist: Lowered Damage of "Astral Moon" by 10%
- Mentalist: Lowered Damage of "Aether Grasp" by 10%.
- Harlequin: Increased Damage of "Hit of Penya by 10%.
- Billposter: Lowered Base-HP by 10%.

Also we have started a 2x Exp-Event for the next three days.
Sorry for the unexpected downtime. Have fun with the Exp-Event ^-^

Release date: 11.05.2014, 17:06

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Happy Easter - Egg-Painting in Flaris!

ChiChi is now available in Flaris and offers you the chance to paint with him eggs for Easter.
However, he forgot to get the eggs and eggcolor needed for this.

Now it is up to you: You need to collect the materials for ChiChi! If you bring him the wished materials, he will reward you with "Egg Baskets". This bakets collect the following items:

1x Purple Egg => +20 STA for 30 minutes.
1x Green Egg => +20 INT for 30 minutes.
1x Blue Egg => +20 DEX for 30 minutes.
1x Red Egg => +20 STR for 30 minutes.
1x Sky Blue Egg => +5% PvP Damage for 30 minutes.
1x Pink Egg => +5% PvE Damage for 30 minutes.
1x White Egg => +20% Movement Speed for 30 minutes.
1x Gray Egg => +10% HP for 30 minutes.
1x Orange Egg => +5% MP for 30 minutes.
1x Yellow Egg => +20% EXP for 30 minutes.
2x Awakening Treasures => Contains a Awakening Scroll or Rare Treasure.
1x Exp-Boost Potion => Increase your experience by 200% for one hour.
1x Hipster Blue Set (M) => New fashion set | For this event only!
1x Lovely Pink Set (F) => New fashion set | For this event only!
1x Little ChiChi - Pet => Increase all stats by 5 and your experience by 20%.

The exchange of the items and Egg Baskets works with the classic quest system. You can get them once or exchange directly in a 10-pack (to save time for larger quantities). For every "Egg Basket" you need 30x "Easter Eggs", which drop from monsters. Additionally you need the eggs color which is now available in the collector field. For this, you only need three.

We have also started a 2x Exp event for the next two days!
We wish all players a lot of fun with the event and Happy Easter!

Release date: 20.04.2014, 12:06

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Patch 2.2.0 (09/04)

- Added two new potions: Lucky Potion of foxes and Lucky Potion of fishes.
* Drinking one of these potions will give you luck and reward you with an item!
* You can get a lot of new fashion, pets, powerups, awake-boxes and perins from these potions.
* You can gather the materials (flowers & plants) at specific locations in Madrigal.
- Alchemy System Overhaul: It's now much easier to craft potions.
* The price of normal & powerful potions recipes is now 20/50mio.
* You can now craft potions with rebirth level 1 and the craftingtime is reduced.
* The required experience for leveling-up on alchemy got lowered immense.
* Added new Alchemy Amplifications (50%/100% Alchemy Exp. Bonus) to fxStore.
- We have re-written the block- and hit formula in PvE. It's now much easier for 1on1-classes.
- We've made some optical changes to the teleporter and added new location-previews.
- Changed the player-shop area to saintmorning city and changed the teleport.
- You will now receive Chip Perins instead of Flux Chips while rebirthing.
- Added the Lv.60 Clockworks Weapons to Flux Chip Merchant.
- Added a second flux chip merchant to Flarine to get items sorted out easier.
- Lords can now start 50% Exp-Events again (for 100 Perins / hour).
- There can now only participate four members each guild for secret room.
- Changed the Siege time back to 1PM. On Weekend siege will also start on 10AM and 6PM.
- (You can check the servertime on our website, on the bottom of the left box.)

- Fixed a bug when using the Scroll of Name Change with uppercase letters.
- Fully translated the alchemy system (recipes/buttons etc.)
- Added a close-button after identify a potion-recipe.
- Fixed some missing/wrong information-texts.

Release date: 09.04.2014, 18:58

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fxStore Sale: New Pickup-Pets with more power!


Release date: 12.03.2014, 21:56

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