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We need new GMs!

As some of you know, we need new & active GMs on Flux.
So try a application in our forums right now!

Some points we want to know from you:
- Name / Country.
- For how long are you playing Flux?
- When did you start playing FlyFF?
- What are your Game-Characters on Flux?

You don't need to post private stuff about yourself, no one needs to know this ^,^

Release date: 06.01.2015, 01:55

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.

FX Extra Bonus & Suprise boxes!

We hope you are enjoying the holiday season and to celebrate with you, here is an
offer for up to 35% BONUS fxPoints when topping up for a very limited time only!
Depending on your payment method and the amount you top up by,
you will receive up to 40% BONUS fxPoints to enjoy!

This offer is valid from now until Tuesday the 30th of December (12:00 GMT+1), so make sure not to miss out!

Additionally, we offer you one new special item in our store; the suprise boxes!
Those boxes gives you randomly an item from the fxStore. There are also some special items that are not available in our donation store (like experience boost and special powerups).

And with some luck, you will get the special "Tarragon Cloak or Mask".
Those fashion items are only available in this box and are a little bit better than the normal dragon cloaks/masks
(the same effects as the Valen Quest Cloaks).

Release date: 23.12.2014, 20:08

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.

Patch 3.1.5 (23/12)

Christmas Event:
- Christmas Weapons can be bought for 200x Golden Apples at Santa now. There are no effects on this weapons.
- Lawolf Sleds are now available for Golden Apples and got removed from the Red Socks.

- "Golden Diamonds" are now available at the fraction vendors (a little bit stronger than normal diamonds).
- The chameleon hats (M/F) are now available at the fraction vendors (one for every fraction).
- The movement speed of pickup pets has been increased a little bit again.

- Fixed a lot of missing translations. We're still working on this, thanks for your understanding.
- Fixed the information texts from the Combat Scrolls (they give 10% pvp damage, not 50%).
- Set the sanpres boss stage (ship) back to the ground to prevent bugging.
- The day quests in the saint morning catacombs now requires 30 prankster kills.
- "Giant Nautrepy" now has the same HP as the other Lv175 giants.
- "Giant Trangfoma" now drops the awakening treasures, too.
- The valenic stones now hold on for two hours and the information text got fixed.
- The "Pumkin Mask" can be now bought for the Event Tokens.
- The fraction cloaks now give the planned effects.

Release date: 23.12.2014, 19:39

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.

Stated Pick-Up Pets - Get them now!

Release date: 22.12.2014, 16:13

Christmas Event 2014

The next few weeks (from now till end of the month) we're holding a christmas event on Flux. Everywhere in Madrigal (ie the open world, no dungeons, etc.) spawns "Risen Christmas boxes" and include many gifts.
The "Red Socks" can contain the following items:

1x Rudolf's Nose (Fashion) - very rare
1x Golden Apple (exchange item) - rare
1x 2011 Card (Powerup) - moderate
1x Lawolf Sled - moderate
5x Flux Chips - normal
1x Christmas cookies (Powerup) - normal
1x Santa Trans - often
1x NoDisguise Trans - often

The "Golden Apples" are needed from Santa Claus (which is located in Saint Morning is at the Christmas tree) to feed Rudolph. Exchange these against the following items:

50x Golden Apples => 1x Mini Santa (Pet - 8 Stats, 20% experience)
50x Golden Apples => 1x Mini Snowman (Pet - 8 Stats, 20% experience)
1x Golden Apples => 10x Christmas Laccotte (HP Food, 2.5sek cooldown)
1x Golden Apples => 5x Octopus (Event Buff, 20 Stats)
1x Golden Apples => 5x Corn (Event Buff, Atk + 10%, MP + 5%)
150x Golden Apples => Terminator Sunglasses (in special colors)

In addition, you should talk to the little snowmans in Saint Morning. They should reward you with a special buff. We wish you a lot of fun with the event and happy holidays!

Release date: 19.12.2014, 10:25

A new beginning.

Hello flux players,

Flux will start a new beginning. We'll start with some new amazing patches
and you'll get a bunch of new things you haven't ever seen.

Why we do this step and what are the future plans on Flux can be read here.

Release date: 14.12.2014, 10:06

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.