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Happy Easter - Egg-Painting in Flaris!

ChiChi is now available in Flaris and offers you the chance to paint with him eggs for Easter.
However, he forgot to get the eggs and eggcolor needed for this.

Now it is up to you: You need to collect the materials for ChiChi! If you bring him the wished materials, he will reward you with "Egg Baskets". This bakets collect the following items:

1x Purple Egg => +20 STA for 30 minutes.
1x Green Egg => +20 INT for 30 minutes.
1x Blue Egg => +20 DEX for 30 minutes.
1x Red Egg => +20 STR for 30 minutes.
1x Sky Blue Egg => +5% PvP Damage for 30 minutes.
1x Pink Egg => +5% PvE Damage for 30 minutes.
1x White Egg => +20% Movement Speed for 30 minutes.
1x Gray Egg => +10% HP for 30 minutes.
1x Orange Egg => +5% MP for 30 minutes.
1x Yellow Egg => +20% EXP for 30 minutes.
2x Awakening Treasures => Contains a Awakening Scroll or Rare Treasure.
1x Exp-Boost Potion => Increase your experience by 200% for one hour.
1x Hipster Blue Set (M) => New fashion set | For this event only!
1x Lovely Pink Set (F) => New fashion set | For this event only!
1x Little ChiChi - Pet => Increase all stats by 5 and your experience by 20%.

The exchange of the items and Egg Baskets works with the classic quest system. You can get them once or exchange directly in a 10-pack (to save time for larger quantities). For every "Egg Basket" you need 30x "Easter Eggs", which drop from monsters. Additionally you need the eggs color which is now available in the collector field. For this, you only need three.

We have also started a 2x Exp event for the next two days!
We wish all players a lot of fun with the event and Happy Easter!

Release date: 2014/20/04, 12:06 PM

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.

Patch 09/04

- Added two new potions: Lucky Potion of foxes and Lucky Potion of fishes.
* Drinking one of these potions will give you luck and reward you with an item!
* You can get a lot of new fashion, pets, powerups, awake-boxes and perins from these potions.
* You can gather the materials (flowers & plants) at specific locations in Madrigal.
- Alchemy System Overhaul: It's now much easier to craft potions.
* The price of normal & powerful potions recipes is now 20/50mio.
* You can now craft potions with rebirth level 1 and the craftingtime is reduced.
* The required experience for leveling-up on alchemy got lowered immense.
* Added new Alchemy Amplifications (50%/100% Alchemy Exp. Bonus) to fxStore.
- We have re-written the block- and hit formula in PvE. It's now much easier for 1on1-classes.
- We've made some optical changes to the teleporter and added new location-previews.
- Changed the player-shop area to saintmorning city and changed the teleport.
- You will now receive Chip Perins instead of Flux Chips while rebirthing.
- Added the Lv.60 Clockworks Weapons to Flux Chip Merchant.
- Added a second flux chip merchant to Flarine to get items sorted out easier.
- Lords can now start 50% Exp-Events again (for 100 Perins / hour).
- There can now only participate four members each guild for secret room.
- Changed the Siege time back to 1PM. On Weekend siege will also start on 10AM and 6PM.
- (You can check the servertime on our website, on the bottom of the left box.)

- Fixed a bug when using the Scroll of Name Change with uppercase letters.
- Fully translated the alchemy system (recipes/buttons etc.)
- Added a close-button after identify a potion-recipe.
- Fixed some missing/wrong information-texts.

Release date: 2014/09/04, 06:58 PM

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.

fxStore Sale: New Pickup-Pets with more power!


Release date: 2014/12/03, 09:56 PM

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.

fx-Store Sale: New fashion!

CS-Update 22.02.

With the latest update we bring you some new amazing fashion to the fxStore!
The following fashion sets are available now for 400 fxStore.
They give no stats, so they are for appearance only.

Release date: 2014/03/03, 08:48 AM

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.

Patch Notes 03/03

In this patch we focused on the bugs and security lacks which has been
abused in the last few weeks. We're trying to bring back some content patches
soon and would like to see more feedback/suggestions from you in the forums.

- Added new special fashion hats (more information below)
- Buffed the Shaduwar-Giants and added Awakening Treasures to drops
- Added Scroll of CS-Pet Modelchange to fxStore / Flux Chips Merchant
- New players receive now 5 Platin-Scrolls at first Hero-Level up.
- Lowered Blockrate at Forgotten Forest Monsters again.
- Added Mistletoe (F/M) to GM-Event Item Exchange

- Fixed the stat-stack bug.
- Fixed a crash-bug while picking up items.
- Removed Resurrection-Skill in /buff-command to prevent HP-bugs.
- Fixed a bug where you did not receive the full platin jewerly.
- Some more little security fixes and changes..

Started a Pinata-Hunt Event for seven days! You can hunt Pinata-Aibatts
(will be spawned randomly in Madrigal) and collect Pinata-Boxes.

The boxes contains the following items:
- 1x Chameleon Hat Box - Contains different coloured Chameleon Fashion Hat
- 1x Lucky Hat Box (F) or (M) - Contains new Fashion Hats
- 2x Cooked Corn or Octopus - Powerups (10%Atk/5%MP or Stats+20)
- 3x FLY / FOR / FUN Powerups (Speed +15% / Stats +10 / HP +5%)
- 1x Perin or 5x Flux Chips

Release date: 2014/03/03, 08:12 AM

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.

Patch Notes 08/02

- Added the Coral, Phantasm and Mystic Weapons to Flux Chip Store.
- Removed the Euphresia Dungeon (will come back with new Drops & Crash-Fixes)
- Increased Critical-Damage effect of Flying Platin Jewerly.
- Lowered the Class-& Job-Req. of Shining Flux Weapons.
- Clockworks Pieces are now bounded to the character.
- Increased Prices at Clockworks Manager Exchange.
- Set Movementspeed-Limit to 250%.

- Channel 2 is working again.

Changes to Classes:
- Increased/Changed the effects of the (Shining-) Flux Big Axe.
- Increased/Changed the effects of the Halloween Big Axe.
- Lowered Crackshooter Base-HP by 15%.
- Lowered Crit-Dmg effect of (Shining-)Flux and Halloween Bow by 15%
- Lowered Attack effect of (Shining-)Flux and Halloween Bow by 7%

Release date: 2014/02/03, 08:16 PM

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.

Patch Notes 30/01

Thanks for the huge feedback/suggestions on our new forums. We will continue to collect
ideas from you and think about, what new content we'll patch in the next few days.

- You are now able to de-/activate your fashion items. It's configurable at the inventory-view.
- When you use the /buff-command, you'll be buffed with "Resurrection". This fix the "res/stun-bug" in siege.
- Added Exchange-Option at Myria where you can exchange FProtect-Scrolls for Perins (1/5/10/50)
- Added Shining Flux 1v1 Knuckle at fxStore & FC-Vendor.

- Couple-Buffs now give the effects specified in the last update.
- Fixed the base-attack values of the shining flux weapons.
- Fixed the shop-bug for glyphs at the flux chip vendor.
- Fixed the bug where stat-pets lose their stats while teleporting.
- Changed the boss-stage at Les Britanna to prevent the stuck-bug under the ship.
- Increased the price for the considerable glyphs at pvp vendor.

- We have decided to set a speed limit of 300% to prevent "position lags".
- Adjusted/incrased the effects of flux armor, to keep them more interesting.

Release date: 2014/30/01, 04:48 PM

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.

Server maintenance 30/01

There will be a server maintenance tomorrow, at 3AM servertime.
The server will be offline for 3 hours - a longer donwtime will be announced one hour before.

The patchnotes follow after maintenance.

Release date: 2014/30/01, 12:05 PM

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.

Forum is back online!

Our forum is finally back online! We had some problems with our
old forum-hosting system (vbulletin) and need to change to this one.

All topics were deleted - I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
The most important threads (like the FAQ) were manually back-upped by me.

Perhaps you leave a "hello" at our introductions-page, if you want to make your first topic on our new forum.

Release date: 2014/28/01, 04:01 PM

Patch 17/12

We're patching this content, to keep playing Flux more interesting.
We want players to take more time for their equipment and more fun.
I hope you're happy with this update. Servers will be back online in one hour.

- Level up to Platinum 40: Let's start leveling again!
* You'll receive for every platin-up (from 30 to 40) 15.000x FCs
* With Platin 40, you receive a new, powerful Flux-Jewelry:
* Ring: 55 DEX / 55 STR, Earring: 55 INT / 600 DMG, Necklace: 5k HP / 1k DEF
* Set: HP +40%, MP +5%, Attack +30%, Crit. Damage +25%, Cast +40%, Experience +50%
- Flux Armor: New armor is waiting for you to farm and upgrade!
* This armor obtain a new, special appearance (take a look at item preview)
* Suit and Boots can be farmed at "Les Britannia S" (Sanpres)
* Gaunts and Helmets can be farmed at the "Cove of the Ancients" (Herneos)
* You need a group of players to succeed the new dungeons. We've buffed all monsters.
* You can't use the following items there: Remantis, Holy-Scrolls and Resurrection-Scrolls
* There is a movement-speed limit of 100% at this dungeons to prevent "rushing".
* The cooldown is 360 minutes (w/o VIP). The old drops were moved to the "Isle of Dreams".
- Shining Flux Weapons: New design for your character and more power!
* This weapons got the same effects as the halloween weapons.
* They fit to the new Flux Armor and costs 150.000 FCs / 1.500 fxs.
* They are available for a limited time only (until new year)
- Equip a Glyph! You have now the possibility to equip a glyph to your equipment.
* You can farm general Glyphs for Flux Chips and PvP/MP Glyphs for Siege Tokens.
* The Glyphs replace Posters/Arrows and hold on for 7 days.
- Couple overhaul: All couple levels were reset and the required experience increased.
* All Couple buffs were buffed now to keep Couple leveling interesting:
* Power of Love: 6% Atk, 12% HP // Blessing of Love: 40% EXP // Miracle of Love: 10% Drop
- Private shops can now offer Chip Perins.
- New players receive 3x Rebirth-Scrolls at Hero. This scrolls are binded.
- Added the old, official flyff pvp arena (to bring back more people to arena)
- Prepared the upcoming Christmas-Event. More information in a new post.

- Fixed the bug where pets were put back to inventory while teleporting.
- Fixed a bug where players crashed in dungeons while teleporting with a pet.
- Fixed a bug while calculating and showing the tax rates.
- Fixed several minor bugs and translations.

- Lowered Psykeeper Base-HP by 10%.
- Lowered required STR at the Asal-Formula to 150 STR.

Release date: 2013/17/12, 05:24 PM

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.

Patch 20/11

General Patches:
- Added 3x v18 Dungeons: "Cove of the Ancients", "Isle of Dreams","Les Britannia S"
* You can collect v18 Weapons there. This weapons are for appearance-change useful
* or using them in low-level (you can wear them with level 15) e.g. for rebirthing
* The cooldown for this dungeons is 240 minutes (without VIP).
* I've managed the weapon drops in lucky boxes, so that they retain their rarity.
* You can gain Perins, Chips, Exp Boosts and much more in this lucky boxes.
- Added a new option at Fashion NPC: Item Preview:
* You can search the item database of Flux and create a preview of your character.
- Added new Fashion & Pet Items for fxPoints and Event Tokens.
* More information regarding this update in another topic.
- Revamped the Clockworks System: Fixed the Server-Crashes while killing Clockworks.
* You will get the Clockworks pieces now instantly in your inventory after killing him.
* Reminder: Clockworks spawns every day at 1PM. Go to CW Manager in Nothern Flarine.
* You can exchange these pieces for valuable items like stated cs pets.
- From now on, Player-Shops can only be opened in Darkon City.
- The best players (MVP) in the guild siege gets 100x Siege Tokens in addition
- You can now exchange 300x Mid-Awakening Scrolls for 1x Rare-Awakening.
- Revamped furniture effects and fixed the descriptions.
- Lowered lord event prices / Increased Exp&Drop event effects.
- Fixed a client-crash at messenger.
- Fixed Secret Room register at Flarine SR-Manager.

Changes to classes:
- Slayer: Increased base-damage by 15%.
- Billposter: Lowered base-HP by 10%.
- Billposter: You need at least 200 STR stated to make Asal working now.
- Psykeeper: "Crucio" reflect damage by 30% now (before 50%).
- Harlequin: Added 10% range block to "Whisper Dodge".
- More coming soon - At first we want to see how this changes affect the balance.

Release date: 2013/19/11, 09:41 PM

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.

Patch 08/11

Generel changes:
- Changed/Added Siege Times: 2PM everyday and 0/1/2PM at Weekend (servertime).
- Added rewards for Siege Tokens at Siege manager in Nothern Flarine:
* Magical Keys (Special necklaces with powerful effects) = 1000/2500 Tokens
* Scroll of Guild Siege (starts a guild siege) = 5000 Tokens
* Exp-Boost Potions (200% EXP for one hour) = 400 Tokens
* Pet-Awakening Treasure (contains awakening-scrolls for Pets ONLY) = 100 Tokens
- Added stated furniture-items (from official flyff) to Kheldor Drops.
- Kheldor damage got buffed by 100% and HP by 50% // increased cooldown to 120 minutes.
- Added some missing fashion sets from official flyff to fashion npc
- Rangda witches cannot be "kill-stealed" by other players anymore.
- The Halloween Events have been ended.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a Crash-Bug when minimizing the client.

Changes to classes:
* No changes this time. I'd be happy about it, if some players
give some (good & detailed) suggestions for balancing the classes.
If you want, you can write me a PM or start a topic in the forum.

Release date: 2013/07/11, 09:52 PM

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.

Patch 30/10

Upcoming Events:
- "Halloween - 2x Exp & Donate Event"
The second stage of the Halloween-Event started! From now on, every player gets double experience!
As well, every donation will get a 50% bonus! Happy Halloween!! (Last 2 days!!)

General changes:
- "Daily PvE Event": The Alpha-Clockworks is back and must be stopped!
From now on, he spawns everyday at 1PM servertime. You need to accept the Quest at Clockworks Manager.
Every player will be rewarded with a clockworks piece (can be exchanged for some new special items)
- "Halloween-Weapons": To celebrate Halloween, we have added some new special weapons for a limited time.
This weapons are available for fxPoints and FluxChips and have slightly better effects than Flux Weaps.

Fixes and improvements:
- Exp-Boost Potions now work properly.
- Removed the "maximize" function to prevent bugs.
- Fixed the client crashbugs at some characters.

Changes to classbalance:
- Lowered "Remantis Laccotte" Cooldown to 2 seconds (before 3)
- Arcanist: Decreased damage of "EVA Storm" in PvP by 90%
- Arcanist: Increased damage of "Astral Moon" by 20%
- Slayer: Lowered base-damage by 25%
- Slayer: Kalgas Armor - Decreased crit. damage effect by 20%
- Slayer: Kalgas Armor - Decreased attack effect by 5%

Release date: 2013/30/10, 03:51 AM

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.

Extended maintenance

Update: Sorry guys, but we're still busy with the update.
You need to wait two more hours. I'm sorry for the long wait.
As soon as the server is back online, we'll start some events for you.

Original announcement:
There is a extended maintenance at the moment.
We're patching some new content for you and this take a lot of time.

Server will be back online in 2-3 hours.

Release date: 2013/29/10, 07:08 AM

Patch 25/10

- We have reworked the whole flaris continent.
(Would like to see some feedback)

- Lowered Crit-Damage effect on Flux 1on1 Knuckle (30% now)
- Lowered Base-HP of Ringmasters by 15%
- Removed STR-Effect on Revenio Armor (Ringmaster)

We're already working on some new updates coming soon.
Just want to patch this two things now because everybody got dc'ed.

Release date: 2013/25/10, 08:26 AM