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Release date: 22.12.2014, 16:13

Christmas Event 2014

The next few weeks (from now till end of the month) we're holding a christmas event on Flux. Everywhere in Madrigal (ie the open world, no dungeons, etc.) spawns "Risen Christmas boxes" and include many gifts.
The "Red Socks" can contain the following items:

1x Rudolf's Nose (Fashion) - very rare
1x Golden Apple (exchange item) - rare
1x 2011 Card (Powerup) - moderate
1x Lawolf Sled - moderate
5x Flux Chips - normal
1x Christmas cookies (Powerup) - normal
1x Santa Trans - often
1x NoDisguise Trans - often

The "Golden Apples" are needed from Santa Claus (which is located in Saint Morning is at the Christmas tree) to feed Rudolph. Exchange these against the following items:

50x Golden Apples => 1x Mini Santa (Pet - 8 Stats, 20% experience)
50x Golden Apples => 1x Mini Snowman (Pet - 8 Stats, 20% experience)
1x Golden Apples => 10x Christmas Laccotte (HP Food, 2.5sek cooldown)
1x Golden Apples => 5x Octopus (Event Buff, 20 Stats)
1x Golden Apples => 5x Corn (Event Buff, Atk + 10%, MP + 5%)
150x Golden Apples => Terminator Sunglasses (in special colors)

In addition, you should talk to the little snowmans in Saint Morning. They should reward you with a special buff. We wish you a lot of fun with the event and happy holidays!

Release date: 19.12.2014, 10:25

A new beginning.

Hello flux players,

Flux will start a new beginning. We'll start with some new amazing patches
and you'll get a bunch of new things you haven't ever seen.

Why we do this step and what are the future plans on Flux can be read here.

Release date: 14.12.2014, 10:06

Open the corresponding thread in our forum to tell us your opinion!: Link.